Happy 2012, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and New Years celebration. My event in South Lake Tahoe was a great success, thanks to the whole staff at the...

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Wednesday January 4, 2012
Happy New Year
Happy 2012, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and New Years celebration. My event in South Lake Tahoe was a great success, thanks to the whole staff at the Hard Rock for throwing an awesome party!
I've heard several complaints about people not knowing that djs without borders vol 5 is now available on my website. In case you missed it, it can be downloaded here:

djs without borders vol 5

I will be back at Harlot this Friday Night for my 1st show of the year. Always one of my favorite venues, this spot never disappoints. Super fun, dancy crowd and good music! Message me for guest list consideration.

Saturday I'll be back at Mas Sake playing videos for your dining pleasure. I've never seen such a there as they had over New Years weekend, lets keep the party alive and rock it out on saturday. Email nicole@massake.com for table reservations.

Thursday December 22, 2011
djs without borders vol 5 is HERE!
I can't believe this is already number 5.... This mix series has opened for Madonna all over her last US tour and has manifested nearly10,000 copies between printed CD's and downloads.
I always try to keep these mixes fresh and interesting, incorporating music you hopefully DON'T know. All of these tracks are super funky/soulful in their own way and blend together to form the ultimate dancy playlist for all occasions.
Like all the other mixes this mix was recorded in one take using Serato Scratch Live and mixed in harmonic relativity using Mixed in Key. Please download this mix and pass it on to your friends who like good music and love to dance:

djs without borders vol. 5

Tuesday December 13, 2011
This Friday night @ the Parlor and NYE 2012 announcement
This friday night, Tom Roche will be hosting his annual holiday party this friday night with myself and Sam Isaac holding down the tunes on 4 turntables. Sam and my history of 4 turntable sets dating back to the late 90s, so its safe to say we are veterans of performing on stage together.
The last few events I've done with Tom at the Parlor have been packed to the GILLS and Im sure this event will be no exception. Add +s on the FB wall before friday for guest list . This event will sell out so plan to arrive early.

Parlor Holiday Party

Its also time for people to start deciding where they will spend new years eve. If you find yourself getting out of town and heading up to Tahoe for NYE, i'll be playing the Hard Rock South Lake. This is a super fun casual NYE party that I played a few years backā€¦ its a great place to end up after mingling with the revelers and party people out on the strip.

You can check out more information and purchase tickets here:

NYE 2012 in South Lake Tahoe

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Steve Aoki showed up @ my gig tonight and then this happened!

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The view is way bigger up top!

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SF Ballet opening night Gala in full swing!

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